Board Members

President: Cathy EwbankCathy Ewbank

      • Presides over all meetings and serves as an ex-officio member of all committees.
      • Supervises and controls all business affairs of the club.
      • Appoints all committee chairpersons.
      • Arranges for halls and instructors.
      • Appoints a replacement to fill a vacancy.
      • Emails club members about events in the absence of a newsletter or publisher.



Vice President: Terry JandorfTerry Jandorf

      • Assumes the duties of President in his/ or her absence.
      • Co-ordinates the duties of the hospitality committee for club functions, weekly classes and events.
      • Purchases and maintains necessary refreshment supplies.
      • Orders and pickups name badges.
      • Establishes and maintains an inventory list of all club equipment and its location (party decorations.)





Treasurer Committee: Duties of the Treasurer have been divided. Joan Eich will be coordinating the banking, maintain our ledger, pay bills, publish financial reports and assist with membership records. Joan


Karen O’NeilKaren O'Neil

and Jean Ableson Jean Ableson have generously volunteered to staff the table on dance nights, collecting dues and welcoming new and returning dancers.









Secretary: Meredith Lyon – retiring

“Thank you for your excellent service way beyond the standard term.  Your dedication has been a real bonus to the group!”

MeredithConducts all correspondence.

  • Maintains an up-to-date copy of the club by-laws.
  • Takes minutes at all board meetings, and distributes copies by email to board and teachers. Makes minutes available to membership.
  • Maintains an up to date club roster with email addresses in Microsoft Excel.
  • Keeps a list of birthdays and sends a congratulations postcard.

Media Director: Rebecca Wooster – retiring

  • Sends publicity to local papers and other venues.
  • Maintains and updates website.
  • Works with President regarding publicity opportunities.
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